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Sandscapes was founded in 2009, and has been a platform of emerging and established artists, musicians, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs for over 9 years. As an annual art and music festival held in the heart of Dubai, Sandscapes touches the hearts of over 3000 people every year, both young and old, to expand opportunities for collaboration and creation, and instill a sense of community and belonging. Through the efforts of numerous families and friends, we are able to leave a bigger impact each year by contributing over 10,000AED per festival to Mawaheb from Beautiful People, a studio for artists with special needs. We'd like to thank everyone for making Sandscapes such a beautiful endeavor, and we look forward to spreading the love and creativity at our next Sandscapes in January 2018!




To provide a platform and audience for children and emerging artists/musicians to exhibit the results of their passion and creativity.


To create a sense of community and belonging amongst all creative individuals and organizations in the UAE


To support Mawaheb from Beautiful People through active participation in day-to-day activities, and annual contributions that expand creative opportunities.


To establish Dubai as a center for the arts and creative thinking, making it an inspirational destination for artists and musicians around the world.


“Sandscapes envisions to be a platform for every artist, musician, and craftsman in the UAE”




As children, Chan and Ash Seth often expressed the lack of opportunities for creative expression within their community and school structure to their parents, Harpreet and Manupriam Seth. After numerous dinner conversations, they decided to do something about it. The Winter of 2008 saw the creation of Mela, a craft and music fair, and the culmination of a community level event led by Chan and Ash along with their friends and parents. Mela took place on the Seth’s rooftop,  and all the funds generated through this unique fun-filled event were donated to the Dubai Center for Special Needs. The overwhelming feedback received after the event encouraged the Seth Family to make the community outreach event an annual occurrence. Envisioned as a confluence of art and music amidst the dunes in the Bab al Shams Desert, the first edition of Sandscapes was created with the support of numerous friends and their families. The live music for the day included the melodious tunes of classical sitar, light Indian vocals and three rock bands. Lasting for more than 6 hours, the concert touched the hearts of all participants and guests, while raising awareness about SFS, the Special Families Support Group. Today, Sandscapes enters its 10th year, and continues to grow through the inspiring efforts of everyone that has made the festival such a success amongst the creative minds of Dubai.


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